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The unthinkable happened. Real snow fell on Christmas Eve afternoon, and remained until late morning on Christmas.
Those of you who live in cooler climates may be asking "What's the big deal", but here it is a huge deal. Parts of South
Texas saw the first snow since 1895, Victoria had the most at 10 inches, Galveston had 4 inches, and most surprisingly,
Corpus Christi had 6 inches!

What made the event even more unusual is that snowfall increased closer to the Gulf Coast. Houston was right at the
significant snowfall line, with areas north of the city remaining dry.

This satellite picture of the Texas coast shows all the snow.  The upper coast starts at about West Matagorda Bay and
goes all the way down the coast into Mexico:

Images included in the galleries were taken by me or private contributors who have given permission to share their images online.

This site can only get better with more pictures!  I am interested in contributions from others. Please observe these guidelines:

Pictures should be from the Texas Gulf Coast region or affected areas to the north and east only during this special weather event. Please provide geographic details. There is no time limit as far as interest in these pictures, as this is an historical event. Don't let your good images be forgotten!

Images should be at least 800 x 600 with as little post-processing as possible. Larger images will be reduced, and all images will be color corrected,  sharpened, contrast enhanced, etc. as required for the best website look.

People should not be prominently featured unless a special situation warrants it and all parties agree.

The image should be yours or taken by someone you personally know who agrees to have them shown online. 
Please do not pass off photos from mass e-mails or other websites  as those from someone that you know.
This has already caused a problem once.

Some of the images may appear to be "sharp", "contrasty", or off-color. They have been post-processed in order to emphasize snow detail and color as much as possible. Many of the Houston Christmas Eve images were taken at night in case there was nothing left the next morning! The off-color in these is the result of streetlights that have a brownish-yellow color.

Regional photo galleries:


Houston Area, Christmas Eve
Houston Area, Christmas Day

Upper Texas Coast  Corpus Christi

Northward (Dallas-Fort Worth, etc.)


The above galleries feature images taken by myself and others. I do not indicate the owner of each image, and rely on the word of
submitters that the images are theirs or from someone they know who has consented to their online posting.

Sounds and movies:

 The trusty Oktava MK-219 cul-de-sac mic has been out in all kinds of weather, but never anything like this!


Some of what it managed to record on Christmas Eve:

Falling snow 1      Falling snow 2      Falling snow 3      Falling snow 4
Falling snow 5      Falling snow 6      Falling snow 7      Falling snow 8

Excited children (and a few adults!)       Snowball hitting garage door

Some short 640x480 MPG movies if you have a fast connection:

Snow in front yard

Slow falling on the (Toyota) Tundra:   Clip 1   Clip 2

Peak snowfall around 8:00 PM

Ah, but all good things must come to an end, as heard on Christmas morning:  Melting snow

No longer will the mic yield that wonderful "sizzle" of falling snow, at least not for many, many, years statistically speaking.

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